A night at Paramount House

Monsoon Living BLOG COVER shot 23

“A new boutique hotel at the heart of Sydney’s most exciting inner-city neighbourhood has been named Australia’s Hotel of the Year in the fifth annual Gourmet Traveller Australian Hotel Guide Awards.” Finally a night away (a minication) and our chosen destination is the Paramount House Hotel. The hotel occupies the upper floors of the former Paramount […]

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Maison Balzac

Monsoon living BLOG COVER shot 22

I first came across Maison Balzac and their stunning candles very early in the peace when shopping in one of my favourite antique stores in Balmain ‘Quintessential duckeggBLUE’. There was something romantic and nostalgic about the scent, not to mention the most elegant 1642 packaging. I adored the candle then and still do to this […]

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An Evening with Megan Morton

Monsoon Living BLOG cover shot 21

Megan Morton… a name synonymous with style. So much has been said about this super stylish lady that I’m not quite sure where to begin. For those who love interiors, I’m sure you already know all about Megan. For those that do not, she is one of the country’s leading ladies in the world of […]

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Let’s Talk House Perv


As you know I love all things interior so it’s no surprise that I also love to peek inside the homes of interesting people. For as long as I can remember I’ve collected endless interior magazines and am an avid watcher of renovation and design programs. For this reason I also like to get my […]

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The Gather Collective

Monsoon Living BLOG cover shot

Newcastle is such an inspiring city to live in and the longer I’m here the more amazing people I’m coming into contact with. One of those amazing people is Melissa Webster from The Gather Collective. We first crossed paths in February 2015 through an event organised by ‘The Creative Women’s Circle’ where Mel was the guest […]

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Our Californian Bungalow

Our Californian Bungalow on the Monsoon Living Journal

It’s always been in the back of my mind to share some of the creative process of renovating our home with our readers… So here goes! Photography Lizzy Hodgins for House Perv Renovating brings up so many emotions, good, bad, ugly and indifferent. Without being too long-winded I need to explain a little of my childhood […]

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Hunter Hunter


You had me at hello! From the minute I discovered the HUNTERhunter website I knew I was in good hands. As a mother of little ones, I don’t get out as much as I would like, but when the opportunity does present I want to make the most of it and is my go […]

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The Villas of Byron

The sun is shining, the air is warmer and spring is just around the corner. I’m a summer girl at heart and it’s exciting knowing it’s finally on its way. Like so many Australians we road trip north to Byron Bay for our annual summer holiday, so with Byron on my mind I’m happily immersing […]

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Tef Tef

Tef Tef handbag model for the Monsoon Living Journal

This is a post I have been excited to write for some time as it allows me to reminisce on a very special time in my life. I was in my 20’s and ready for adventure so I moved from Australia to Hong Kong for a few years. It was exciting, rewarding and most definitely […]

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Styled Crush

It’s a rainy Saturday and that gives me the excuse I’m after to ignore all of the usual chores and indulge in some me time. The first thing I choose to do is head straight over to a blog called Styled Canvas and catch up on recent posts. Styled Canvas is such a beautiful blog […]

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Seeing Green!

Monsoon Living BLOG cover shot 12

The buzzword around Newcastle’s interior circles at the moment is Green… Julia Green, the founder of Greenhouse Interiors.  Meet Julia of Greenhouse Interiors Greenhouse Interiors is an ingenious collaboration of creatives from artists, photographers, designers, writers and stylists. Julia brings them together under the Greenhouse umbrella to create interior magic. If you are anything like […]

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LA Home – Anne Ziegler

We have been quiet on the blogging front for way too long… now with Christmas and the New Year festivities well and truly behind us it’s high time to put pen to paper and get the ball rolling. So to kick-start our belated New Year and make up for lost time Monsoon Living is taking […]

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Paris Apartment – Andréa Krueger

Bonjour! Allow me to reminisce of my holiday in Paris whilst sharing this stunning apartment on the city’s Left Bank. To set the scene the location is amazing, the 7th arrondissement is in the heart of Paris and is not only the home of some of the city’s grandest sites (Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, […]

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Plumtart, Textiles & Design

It was 2010 and I was excited to be setting up my first ever market stall. It was more of a festival feel than a typical market and was known in Newcastle as the Red Lantern Night Markets. I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect. I was used to the steady pace of our […]

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LA Home – Chay Wike

It has been a while since I was in Los Angeles… I was in my teens and had my focus well and truly set on Disneyland, Universal Studios and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If I were heading back to LA today I would have a slightly different focus… I’ve discovered a shop called CHAY […]

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The best blogs to follow…

Flowers on a Turkish Coffee Table for the Monsoon Living Journal

Like most new bloggers I have mixed emotions… one minute excited at the prospect of this new creative outlet, the next minute nerves creep in as I start to consider my responsibility in this space. When I let my mind wander so many exciting topics stem from a single thought that brought me here, Monsoon […]

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Monsoon Living (online store) is here!

We’re just a tad excited to not only be announcing the launch of our new online furniture and homewares store, but also to be joining the amazingly creative online community of bloggers. So here we go…. Although this is completely new to us, it is also very familiar ground. We created the Monsoon Living brand […]

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