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It has been a while since I was in Los Angeles… I was in my teens and had my focus well and truly set on Disneyland, Universal Studios and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If I were heading back to LA today I would have a slightly different focus… I’ve discovered a shop called CHAY and I love everything about it! The owner Chay Wike opened the doors to CHAY in 2012 and this gorgeous little shop features her own line of locally made clothing and lifestyle pieces that are both timeless and practical. Alongside her work are collections from various designers and carefully curated pieces for both the home and hostess.

Chay Wike House Tour 4

I love Chay’s style so I am thrilled to feature her beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills as our very first house tour on the blog.

Chay Wike House Tour 8Chay Wike House Tour 6Chay Wike House Tour 3

Light and inviting with splashes of colour against white walls, Chay uses rugs and runners to add warmth and texture to hard surfaces. The house is not fussy or pretentious and has a beautiful focus on the raw materials used in construction; polished concrete, bare bricks and exposed timber beams for a timeless design.

Chay Wike House Tour 7Chay Wike House Tour 10

Simple styling with pieces the family truly loves gives this house its personality. After reading a lot of interviews about Chay, her life and her brand I can really relate to her outlook on life… She believes in surrounding yourself with the things you love! It can be as simple as an amazing handmade chef’s knife for the kitchen (available through her store) or a family heirloom. Have things in your life that have meaning and then the decorating naturally falls into place.

Chay Wike House Tour 5Chay Wike House Tour 1Chay Wike House Tour 9

Chay’s house has spectacular views over Los Angeles yet the city feels a million miles away. It is a calm house… the sort of house you could imagine entertaining in, relaxing in and truly enjoying.

Chay Wike House Tour 11

Special thanks to Chay for sharing your home and photographer Brittany Ambridge for providing the visuals.

Chay Wike House Tour 12

All images courtesy of Brittany Ambridge for Domino.