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Flowers on a Turkish Coffee Table for the Monsoon Living Journal

Mel's Living Room

Like most new bloggers I have mixed emotions… one minute excited at the prospect of this new creative outlet, the next minute nerves creep in as I start to consider my responsibility in this space.

When I let my mind wander so many exciting topics stem from a single thought that brought me here, Monsoon Living. Monsoon Living is an online store that specialises in bespoke furniture to create beautiful features within a home. With that said, we have no intention of focusing our lifestyle blog solely on ourselves and plan to embrace all things design from products to interiors, fine art to amazing suppliers, handmade goodness to homegrown tips, and maybe even the occasional recipe or wine match.

Where to start? This is my second post, so I’m new to this and still finding my way! Step one, find a few blogs that I can follow and hopefully learn from.

Mel Chesneau

 Meet Mel Chesneau from Armoire, Pegs & Casserole

My first pick is “Armoire, Pegs & Casserole”. A very close friend of mine, Mel Chesneau, is the author of this successful lifestyle blog. She is the unfortunate one to cop my silly questions, I even remember asking not that long ago and much to her surprise “what is a blog?” and here I am… never having been one to shy away from something new. Fortunately for me her blog is about home decorating, lifestyle and ideas to live with. The thing I’m enjoying most about reading Mel’s blog is the insight into some incredible people’s lives, their motivation, inspiration & passion. I love the fact that through the world of blogging Mel seems to meet the most amazing people from all over the world with a common interest and share a snippet of their lives to inspire. From impeccably styled photography tips with Norwegian photographer Hilde Mork to decorating ideas from as far away as Estonia. Mel interviews leading industry experts, interesting people near and far and takes the reader on some fabulous shop tours, spotlights stunning design, innovating projects and shares some great ideas along with delicious and easy to follow recipes.

Father Rabbit Shop Tour 2

Armoire, Pegs & Casserole takes the reader on an exciting shop tour of the new Father Rabbit store located in Herne Bay, Auckland.

If you’re looking for a new blog to follow “Armoire, Pegs & Casserole” is a personal journey, an inspiring insight and a lovely read! I would love to hear your suggestions on the best blogs to follow as I start off on this new journey. Please leave a comment on the bottom of the page if you have some favourites in mind that you are happy to share. I look forward to having a read!

Father Rabbit Shop Tour 1

 Step inside another of Father Rabbit’s stunning retail burrows located in Mt Eden, Auckland. 

All images courtesy of Mel Chesneau from the very successful blog Armoire, Pegs & Casserole.