Round Soap Dish


This is our favourite handcrafted porcelain soap dish by Henry and Tunks. The glaze covers the interior and exterior whilst the fine rim remains unglazed. The Sage glaze has a wonderful ‘waxy’ surface and all exposed areas of porcelain are polished until smooth.

The ‘wavy’ bottom allows your soap to stay high and dry away from any excess water without making a mess, or for a different look just flip it over!

Item – Round Soap Dish

Maker – Henry & Tunks

Medium – Australian porcelain

Colour – Please contact us for available colours

Size (approximate) – 125mm diameter x 36mm height

* Please note each piece is handcrafted and unique. The processes used produce forms with an unlimited range of outcomes. This is an integral part of the work and each piece is allowed to tell its own story.

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