Let’s Talk House Perv

As you know I love all things interior so it’s no surprise that I also love to peek inside the homes of interesting people. For as long as I can remember I’ve collected endless interior magazines and am an avid watcher of renovation and design programs. For this reason I also like to get my regular dose of ‘House Perv’.

For those not already in the know ‘House Perv’ is a peek inside the homes of local people, not just designer homes but interesting, loved, nurtured and yes, sometimes designer, but mostly warm and inviting homes in and around our region. It’s a look into the lives and motivation of the people that make these homes special. House Perv is as much about the homeowner as the home itself and it’s that human connection that makes it so endearing.


Louise Hatcher, property and interior stylist, officially launched House Perv in 2015 in web format on the hugely popular site www.hunterhunter.com.au, and over the years it has grown in popularity and showcased some incredible local homes. But this year House Perv has had a mini renovation and has moved into its own space. You can now catch House Perv every second Sunday evening on www.louisehatcher.com, and sign up to Louise’s newsletter to receive it direct to your inbox.


I actually met Louise through House Perv in a roundabout type of way and our house was one of the very first to feature. In hindsight I’m a little embarrassed, we hadn’t actually finished renovating or done our landscaping, and I certainly didn’t style things for a photo shoot, but at the time I had no idea just how big and popular House Perv would be. We have since become good friends and I enjoy nothing more than catching up with her to discuss all things interior. With that said, I thought I would ask Louise about the exciting changes with House Perv and see if she might share some styling tips with us.

What are some of the changes in-store for your followers Louise?

The layout of House Perv is slightly different which means we can fit more images into the article, and I love that we now have Q&A. While Newcastle and the Hunter will remain our focus, House Perv has no boundaries. We will happily perv anywhere!


Do you style the homes on House Perv?

Yes No. Unlike magazines who spend days prepping, sourcing extra items and then shooting, we spend about 2 hours in each home. So, what you are seeing is real, which is what I love most about HP. I think that is what makes House Perv unique and refreshing. The photographer and I spend time framing up the main shots, and then we arrange that particular shot with existing pieces. The photographer then whips around capturing details of the home and I do my best to be a journalist. It happens very often that I spend too much time gahhhhing over beautiful items in the house and leave with not enough content. Thankfully the people we perv on are awesome, and I jump on the phone or e-mail to get the details I missed!


I have heard you mention rounds and squares together, to non-interior people what exactly does that mean?

In design world, rounds and squares are best friends. We all live on square blocks, in square houses, with square doors and square rooms. If you have a round house or room, oh please take me there! I bet it is heaven! But, most of us don’t, so adding a round is a complete space changer. By adding a round to your square, it will soften the space instantly and add more flow to your room. My favourite places to do this apart from everywhere is in the living room. In the living room there are already so many squares with televisions, consoles, lounges etc.… add a round rug or round occasional tables and watch the magic! The same goes for the super square bedroom. For the square kitchen, an easy way to do this is to display large round marble or timber chopping boards. Round dining tables are also a big favourite.


Function or beauty, which is more important?

Defiantly function. I so often see the most beautiful furniture but the space just isn’t working. A big part of what makes something beautiful is its function and how a room or house flows.


I know you have a huge soft spot for original art, is there a favourite piece in your styling inventory and can you tell us a little about it?

Art really does make the home. I have a few original pieces that I love, and I know I will love forever. My philosophy is, if I wouldn’t have it in my own home then I don’t buy it. One of my favourite pieces is by Louise Tuckwell, Birds of Paradise. It was the first piece I bought when sourcing my inventory and it really set the tone, it brings good memories. Unfortunately, the budget didn’t allow for the Jardan lounge sitting next to it!!!

Want to know more? Join Gen Collective this May for an evening of canapés and bubbles whilst Louise takes you on her design journey, from linguistics teacher to overseas influences and what drives and inspires her successful styling business today.

Event Details

Event: Louise Hatcher – turning a passion for design into a dream career

When: Wednesday 17th May at 5.30pm

Where: Longworth House, 129 Scott Street, Newcastle

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Thanks for doing what you do so beautifully Louise and if you know anyone who has a house pervable home dob them in and contact Louise with some of the details.

House Perv every second Sunday evening www.louisehatcher.com.au

Hunter Hunter

You had me at hello! From the minute I discovered the HUNTERhunter website I knew I was in good hands. As a mother of little ones, I don’t get out as much as I would like, but when the opportunity does present I want to make the most of it and www.hunterhunter.com.au is my go to guide for planning a great night out in Newcastle. It not only covers the city’s latest and greatest hot spots and events, but also entices me with its catchy design, incredible photography and inviting script.

Since starting my own blog just over a year ago and understanding the endless hours of work that goes into the research, writing and presentation of a website the size and scale of HUNTERhunter I was intrigued with who was behind the brand. Then one day I noticed an event being promoted and hosted by The Creative Woman’s Circle featuring the duo behind HUNTERhunter… Obviously I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a ticket!


Meet Fiona and Alissa of HUNTERhunter

It was at this event that I first met Fiona and Alissa of HUNTERhunter. With a background in marketing and communications and a HUGE passion for Newcastle and the Hunter this creative duo were fed up of tirelessly searching for the regions hidden gems and decided it was time to do something about it. Their biggest concern was if this great city and its surrounds could continue to provide enough incredible content (they were sure they would have it covered within their first year), and it has not let them down. With an explosion of hot new bars, mind-blowing culinary events, bespoke workshops, wine dinners and exciting new shopping experiences, Newcastle and the Hunter continues to excite and HUNTERhunter has it covered.

Now entering its second year and averaging 2000 unique visits to the website each day and growing, the content base is enormous. HUNTERhunter’s huge popularity stems from Fiona and Alissa’s original vision of only covering projects and businesses that they believe to be truly unique and interesting.

Avid followers of HUNTERhunter already know the website well, but what you may not know is that they have some very exciting news…. HUNTERhunter has teamed up with talented Property Stylist Louise Hatcher to add one more element to their website, launching ‘House Perv’ this coming Sunday.

louise-hatcher-house-pervMeet Louise of Louise Hatcher Styling

Join the girls as they take you on tour through some amazing local homes, from country acreages, to inner city warehouse conversions, cute cottages and designer homes. Meet local people who are passionate about the way they live and learn about how they have designed, decorated (sometimes even built) and curated the spaces that they love to live in.


hunter-house-perv-2Styling by Louise Hatcher & Photography by Lizzy Hodgins

With Louise’s experience in Interior Design and Property Styling and the incredible lifestyle platform of HUNTERhunter, I personally think it’s a winning combination and I’m so excited to see what’s in store. So this coming Sunday evening (18th October 2015) jump on over to the HUNTERhunter website for the much anticipated launch of House Perv, enjoy!


Images courtesy of House Perv

Oh and did you know that you can sign up to their email newsletter and be the first to know what’s happening? Plus HUNTERhunter also have their very own app (link here to Download) and it’s geo-location specific, meaning you can pull out your phone or tablet, and with the power of GPS you can see what’s nearby. What better way to help locals and visitors get out-and-about in Newcastle and the Hunter and find something new?

hunter-house-perv-3Styling by Louise Hatcher & Photography by Lizzy Hodgins