Welcome to the exciting collaboration that is ‘House of BeauHart’.

Sharon Barnett-Beau (photographer) and Jenny-lyn Hart (creative director) have combined their talents of photography, creative direction and styling to produce a range of fine art that enhances discerning dwellers living spaces. Together the two artistic individuals ensure their subjects unlikely symbiosis is captured perceptively with personality and surprise, forming part of the narrative.

With a shared love of the arts and food, the duo set about reimagining ‘modern still life’ with their first collection of limited edition prints aptly named “The Kitchen Series: Slippery When Fresh”.

Exclusive to Monsoon Living the collection is both whimsical, exciting and intelligent.

Artist – House of BeauHart

Medium – Still Life Photography

Ingredients – Modern still-life fresh Garfish posing with sculptural ceramics by Australia design duo Clay Canoe.

Dimensions – w 45cm x h 65cm

* Please note this work is framed and is available through our King Street store. 

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