Carron Paris Candle


Our favourite candle maker ‘Maison Balzac’ has collaborated with Mathilde Carron of Astier de Villatte. Being so different yet very french and delicate, Maison Balzac and Carron could tell the same story with contrasting materials. This is how this stunning range of homewares has come to life.

Carron’s poetic candle comes in her signature PARIS ceramic vase and can be used as such long after the candle has finished!

Each vase is made by hand by Mathilde in her workshop in Montpellier (south of France); every piece varies in size, shade and details and this is what makes it so precious and unique. She uses long lasting, ecological material made of French Black Terra Cotta and lead free enamel.

Dishwasher Safe, 8cm top diameter, 130g of perfumed wax (approx 30 hours burning time)

Notes: pure attar of roses

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